X-Caps, Trucker Crumbs & Mini Motos

Helps Optimize Fuel Economy - Boosts Octane -  Improves Power and Performance - Reduces Emissions - For Gas And Diesel - Made In The USA 

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Save At The Pump

Are you feeling pain from the price of gas and diesel prices.  We can help with the X-Caps for cars, trucker crumbs for diesel, and mini motos for motor bikes and other small engines.  You don't have control over the price, but you can help yourself with an option to have your fuel last longer. 
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Works With All Types Of Engines

X-Cap Testimonial
Mike is a Route Salesman and drives 100's of miles each week.  He explains how he  benefits by using the MPG Xtreme X-Cap.
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Trucker Testimonial
Larry is an over the road trucker and he explains how he benefits from using the X-Cap (trucker crumbs) in diesel fuel.  The X-Cap is available in "Trucker Crumb" application for diesel trucks and heavy equipment.
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Fuel Catalyst For Any Engine
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People around the world are concerned with rising fuel prices

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